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Devin McCrossan founded Constellations Recovery from personal experience to provide high-end sober living and recovery services

Alcoholism and drug dependence strains the economy, the health care system, the criminal justice system, and threatens job security, public safety, and family life. One in every 12 adults suffers from alcohol abuse or dependence, while an estimated 20 million Americans used an illegal drug in the past 30 days, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. An estimated 48 million people – 20 percent of the U.S. population – use prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons.

Prescription drug abuse and a new heroin epidemic increasingly strike affluent suburban youth and families, dispelling the myth that addiction is a problem that mainly affects working class or unemployed people. To serve the needs of these families, 24-year-old entrepreneur Devin McCrossan founded Constellations Recovery, a new Sober Living home for men and women in Westchester, N.Y., 35 miles from New York City, based upon his own experiences in recovery.

Among addiction treatment strategies, Sober Living has been shown by research to provide favorable outcomes. Sober Living homes (SLHs) provide interactions among recovering peers that offer unique opportunities for feeling understood, recognizing vulnerability in others, identifying with the recovery processes of others, supportive confrontation, and engaging in mutual accountability. “These experiences are important elements of motivation that become activated by involvement in the SLH environment and are difficult to replicate outside of that context,” states a 2015 peer reviewed study by the Public Health Institute in Emeryville, Calif.

Constellations Recovery goes beyond the old Sober Living model of providing a place for people to live among recovering peers. The facility provides phased transitioning and a continuum of care designed to prepare residents to step back into the stresses of day-to-day life outside.

“Our philosophy provides a complete healing experience to our residents’ and their family,” Devin says. “We also empower families with the necessary tools to help their loved one through this transition period.”

These services include:

* A case manager for each resident to ensure their recovery and implement a plan ultimately for their return home.
* After-care / recovery phase transition services including intensive daily accountability, regular testing and personalized care.
* Sober Companion services. Sober companions act as mentors providing residents guidance on the path to successful recovery.
* Sober Escorts to accompany residents traveling to and from residential treatment programs, work, or school.
* Interventions professionally planned and executed to help addicts come to terms with addiction problems.

With over 12,000 square feet of living space and extensive staff experience, Constellations Recovery provides personalized care and unique luxury amenities. These include equine therapy, gym memberships, and meditation and relaxation/coping techniques such as massage and acupuncture. The luxurious amenities also include nutritious farm-to-table meals prepared by a professional private chef on staff.

Devin’s Story

As co-founder and operations manager, Devin built Constellations Recovery based on his personal experience, and the demand for a structured sober living program in New York.

“Having been in detoxes, treatment centers, IOPs, Sober Living and seen numerous therapists and psychiatrists, my experience shows that going to Sober Living helped to set me up for success, and provided me a seamless transition back into everyday life,” Devin says.

In high school Devin was an excellent student, maintaining a 3.7 GPA, and a Tri-Varsity athlete, captain of the football and lacrosse teams being recruited by Division 1, 2, and 3 schools. But like many promising young people, he was sidelined by the grip of addiction before he could begin his college career. He went into treatment directly out of high school and spent the next two years going through various treatment programs and relapsing before accepting Sober Living.

“After completing another stay at a renowned treatment program, I finally conceded that I needed to go to Sober Living,” he says. “Upon arriving, I knew I had made the right decision. After several months, and having had the opportunity to manage the house, I decided it was time to start my own career. After experiencing Sober Living first hand, my faith grew in the appreciation of structured after-care, which was critical to my recovery.”

Since then Devin has devoted his life to helping others recover from substance abuse. He started educating himself, consulting and spearheading interventions, and working with prominent leaders in the industry including Debbie and Brandon Knauss from Dr. Phil. He began telling his story to thousands of students in public and private schools.

“I was on a mission to help create awareness and prevention, and to share a solution with the still suffering addict/alcoholic,” he says.

Having dedicated his life to doing the work to achieve meaningful recovery, Devin determined the need for a Sober Living facility in New York.

“I wanted to create something that was structured, that created accountability, and that offered every service possible to ensure the residents’ success. By combining the 12-Steps, Equine Therapy, Recovery Coaching, Peer Recovery Advocacy, Experienced Staff, and the most beautiful home and campus, it would make us unique.”

Four Categories of Excellence

Constellations Recovery specializes in offering exceptional recovery services in four areas:

* Complete care for healing the body, mind and soul
* Comfort through a premier, luxury living environment
* Systematic structure (including individual case management, recovery coaching, and peer recovery advocacy) to help individuals transition from treatment to independent living
* Supervision through 24/7 staffing and surveillance to insure the safety of residents

“Our Recovery Advocates are more than mentors; they truly care about each and every resident’s success and wellbeing,” Devin says. “Our staff members are in recovery themselves, which allows our residents to relate to them, thus building trust and forming a solid connection. We also believe in the power and effectiveness of working with families.”

The goal is “meaningful sobriety” that allows each resident to become more independent and ultimately, autonomous.

“We excel at assisting our residents and their families through our own personal and professional experience, and a passion to transmit the message of recovery that was so freely given to us,” Devin says.

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